News 1, I don't have access to the internet at home, only in the library.
News 2, I can't write Chinese here, only English.
News 3, computers in the library don't have USB access, so no photo uploading.
News 4, I have one hour access to the internet every time I log on.
News 5, I'm feeling OK with my life here.

Just to let you guys know a bit about my life here.

The place I'm staying is very nice. I live alone with my client. Her parents live nearby, we will go to the parents house every Sunday for Sunday roast.  Sunday is consider my day off as the parents will sort of accompany her to do anything she wants.
My client is a very nice lady. I can have basic conversation with her now as she starts teaching me some hand sign language. My everyday here is a rutin, breakfast, lunch and dinner at exactly the same time. Each day, there are things to be done exactly as it was the last week. haha! Very organized life style.
My entertainment here would be watching the TV, hopefully can apply for library card soon so that I can borrow books, and going online at the library during my everyday break. I have break time everyday for 2 hours.
The work is actually very easy. The main job is to accompany my client and help her to do whatever stuff that she can't manage by herself. I don't have to do the cleaning as my client is capable of doing that by herself. The only heavy housework that she can't do by herself is vacum and mop the floor. And of course, I have to do the cooking because she is afraid of fire.
I plan to do this live in carer job for 6 months so that I can go Europe tour during May. I'm traveling with a friend of mine, LH. We have this plan so early because she is working and she need to plan for her holiday. (BTW, miss LH, I'll do my homework before traveling. )

Oh, my current pay for the job is £370 per week. The rate for holiday is different and higher, but I don't know how they work it out. Anyway, I basically don't have any expenses while working here as everything is paid by the client (other than my personal stuff, of course). So, I can keep all the money after tax and save them for traveling. Yeah yeah!!!
My contract with my current client ends at 9th of January 2009. So, I hope I'll be assigned to a different client by January then. Wish me luck.

Oh, by the way, the time difference between Malaysia/Hong Kong and here is 8 hours as they go back one hour yesterday (used to be 7 hours different).
And, I won't be uploading any photo to the web album while I'm here because the computer in the library only accept floppy disc. They don't accept USB. (CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!) Haha!
OK, got to go. If you have any questions regarding my life here which you are interested to know, do feel free to drop in the comment box. I promise to check my blog at least twice a week. 

See ya....

P/S: And, there's no beach here, even though the name of the place is Holbeach. How can!!!!  Heehee....
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